Why I’m Rooting for $6 Gas

By steve | June 10, 2008

I was hoping $4 would be enough. I was sure five dollars a gallon would wake people up. Now I’m not so sure. So I’ve had to notch it up another buck in hopes that at last, this country (and I mean all of us – the government, your neighbors, everyone who sits in idling cars, probably you, certainly me) will come to grips with the wastefulness of American Life. And maybe this time, at last, we’ll do something about it

In case you didn’t get the memo – Stop Wasting Gas.

The biggest underlying cause of fuel prices (any prices, for that matter) is supply and demand. As ordinary people, there’s not much we can do about supply. But we have a lot of control over demand – namely our own, as individuals. And a lot of that control is based on behavior, something we can change immediately, as in, today. I hear angry complaints and lame excuses. I see people driving alone, wandering around parking lots in search of a front row space, engines idling while drivers are parked…

At some point, the pain will reach enough of us. And enough of us will find how easy it is to change. Even small changes help when multiplied by millions. I hope it’ll be before $8, $9, $10…

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