Tivoli Audio ~ please accept one kudo…

By steve | January 29, 2008

    This is a quick note of thanks to Tivoli Audio.  I bought a Model One radio by Tivoli Audio several years ago and have always been really happy with it.  I’ve preferred analog tuning since my boyhood shortwave wanderings on a Hallicrafters S-120; no matter how fine the slices, digital tuners always jump from step to step.  With an analog tuner you can feather your way into the sweet spot in between.  Ahhhh…   The sound quality is great, too; even the fact that the Model One is monaural makes me feel at home with the heritage of radio.

Anyway, out of nowhere, I went to flip on the radio one morning and the power knob fell off, a big crack in the plastic making it too loose to stay on the shaft.  So I called Tivoli Audio on their toll-free number.  Casey answered the phone on the second ring, asked how she could help, and said she’d ship out the part right away.  No questions about when I bought it, or how it happened; no nonsense whatsoever.  I would have happily paid for the part, and/or postage, but there wasn’t one. – just a friendly, straight-forward, responsible approach to customer pleasure.

That’s the way the world is supposed to work!

So thanks a lot for a great product and exceptional service.  Tivoli Audio and Casey – you’re the coolest!  Please accept one kudo… from Steve.

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